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Your first time in

When you log in for the very first time, there will be a little spiel to get you excited, a picture of your first property – Uncle Louie’s Deli – and a bar with your initial stats. These stats are what you will spend most of your time tracking.


Every hour your properties will pay out and any items you have with maintenance costs will deduct from your earnings. On the Properties tab which you will see later you can always see how much you are making and how much it is costing you. It is also worth noting you have a bank account that you can store money in, but any money in the bank will not be reflected here.


This is a fairly meaningless stat and it is the only naturally replenishing stat that the game will not show you a timer on. Other than that, it just sets the amount of times you get attacked when a hit is put out on you and how many fights you can engage in before healing.


Energy is the principal source of your earned income and a large chunk of your XP. It will come back 1 point every 5 minutes. Jobs and items will be your initial focus once you get in to the game.


This also regenerates at one point every 5 minutes. Stamina is used to try to attack other players, rob other players, cash in on a hit on another player, sucker punching, and placing hits on other players. Outside of jobs, this is the only other way to generate XP.

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