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Mafia Wars Add Me - How To Get A Mafia Of 500+ In Days

So you’re looking to to build a huge mafia right? You don’t want these level 20’s with 500 mafia beating you down right, so what do you do? This article will teach you how to build a mafia of 500+ in mere days!
The biggest thing I’d say not to do is go around on the mafia wars message boards posting ‘add me’ ‘add me’. Simply put you’re wasting your time. Do you honestly go around on the message boards clicking on every single ‘add me’ link users post? There is a much faster and better way to build your mafia super quick, and it involves 2 quick and easy steps.

The first step is to join mass email add groups. What happens in these groups is you post your email along with everyone elses emails to the thread, then the next person copies and pastes all the emails into their post, adding their own email at the end, rinse and repeat.
You should probably sign up for a new email and add that email to your facebook account for this method, as a lot of spammers are now using these lists to spam you with all sorts of offers, so don’t use your main email for this method.
To find one of these groups simply search for “mafia wars mass email” in facebook and you’ll come across hundreds. Then find the “Email Add” threads in each groups Discussion Board and copy and paste the last post in the thread, add your email onto the end and click post.
Then take that entire email list again (copy it) and in facebook go to Friends -> Invite Friends (up the top).  Paste that entire email list into the To: box and in the message box type “mafia wars add”. Then click the invite button.
What this has now done is told every single person on that list that you wish to be their facebook friend and you’ll start getting more friends immediately :D
Warning: Don’t ever invite more than 1 email list in any one day or facebook may ban your account for spamming. You have been warned!
Besides, there is a better way to go about getting friends to ADD YOU and therefore you will never be flagged as a spammer :) Simply go to about 10 – 20 of these email add groups and add your email to the end of the mass email add threads, then sit back and wait for tons and tons of players to add you, the more groups you add your email to the more invites you will get (I had about 100 friend requests A DAY using this strategy, got to 5000 friends very fast).

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